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Breathworks Community of Practice

About Us

At Breathworks we’re passionate about helping people living with pain, illness and stress to re-claim their lives. We do this through mindfulness and compassion training including courses, products and teacher training. We're also passionate about community, the kind of community that supports and inspires us to transform our own lives, and those of others...

Why You Should Join Us

...so, we created this Breathworks Community of Practice to be a space that welcomes everyone with a mindfulness practice, who has learned or taught mindfulness with Breathworks, or anyone who is simply wanting to find out more about the Breathworks approach. We want this community to help us sustain and enrich our mindfulness practice (which can be so hard to do on our own!), give us somewhere to share inspiration, ideas and experiences with others, and support us in bringing compassionate change into our lives and the world.

What to expect

Members of our community will have access to: 

Personal VIDEOS from Vidyamala each month 

TWO LIVE AND INTERACTIVE PRACTICE & LEARNING SESSIONS with members of the Breathworks Associate Team each month (recorded in case you need to miss a session) – Vidyamala will sometimes lead these sessions

A growing LIBRARY of learning and practice content  – including video, audio and written transcripts

Members-only GROUPS where you can connect and share with fellow Breathworks community members around the UK and world

SHORT COURSES exploring different themes - some of these will be free to members

Requests - you can ask for a theme to be covered in our regular community sessions, share a resource or check out if others want to join you in a group exploring a particular topic

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