Join our Community of Practice

A free mindfulness hub with regular live events & helpful resources to keep your practice alive

It's hard to keep up a meditation practice when you go it alone...

That's why we created The Community of Practice, a FREE online mindfulness hub providing regular live events, helpful resources, and connection spaces to keep your practice alive and interesting. 

Benefits of Joining 🤩

  • Access a mindfulness library at your fingertips with articles, recorded meditations and resources to support your practice
  • The opportunity to join over 90 FREE events each year, including guided meditations from our experienced teaching team, drop-in support clinics, and guest-speakers. 
  • Affordable teacher-led and self-study mindfulness courses for all experience levels.
  • A moderated, supportive space to connect, share and learn from each other’s practice.
  • Dedicated groups to help you connect over shared interests and experiences.

Is This For Me? 🤔

The Community of Practice is open to: 

  • Anyone aged 18+
  • All levels of meditation experience, whether it's your first introduction, you're a life-long meditator, or even a qualified teacher. There's something for everyone. 
  • All spiritual & religious groups - whilst meditation has its roots in ancient spiritual practices and traditions, Breathworks teaches a secular approach that can be adapted to individuals' beliefs & practices. 
  • The wider public - you'll still benefit from this platform even if you haven't taken an event with Breathworks (though we'd love to meet you one day) 😉

Community Guidelines 🫡 

Our team of Hosts work hard to keep the Community of Practice as valuable, authentic and safe as possible. However, we need your help. We ask that you adhere to our Community Guidelines. Appropriate action will be taken if these are breached by members. 

Our Charity's Mission 💙

You may be asking yourself, "all this is free? what's the catch?" 

The answer - nothing! Breathworks is a registered UK Charity with a mission to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. We know that the people who need to access this kind of support and training are often those least able to afford it. 

Believe in what we do? Considering supporting our running costs with a small monthly donation via our Community Patrons programme.